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De la violence coloniale dans l'espace public : visite du triangle de la Porte Dorée à ParisShed Publishing

De la violence coloniale dans l’espace public is the first book of the Arpentages collection created by Shed publishing. This decolonial guide, written by Françoise Vergès with visual interventions from Seumboy Vrainom :€ takes us to the east of Paris to visit a genuine “colonial triangle”, made up of three monuments (Palais de la Porte-Dorée, monument to the Marchand mission and the statue of Athena) which offer an encapsulation of the cultural, economic, racial and political history of France. To be more inclusive, this book was prepared with a multigender writing chart.

The design of the collection was thought by studio Akakir and Milène Mahérault with two fonts : NaN Jaune and Minotaur. Such typographical choices and grid were used for dynamic reading, with multiple entries. While the black and white interior of the edition is highlighted with the natural color and the slight transparency of the Arena paper which makes this paperback an object in its own right.

Arena rough natural 90
Arena smooth natural 250