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A delicate and simple bag packaging artWANACCESSORY

Adhering to the principle of “less is more”, the package design of the whole set of products mainly selects verdigris copper green featuring warm and bright color in a large area, and the exquisite gilded gold brand logo is the core of the package design. The ingenious integration of hardware elements of the package product makes the whole package visually reveal the brand’s pursuit and intention for details. Just like our consumers, they appreciate the product concept of “less is more” and look forward to their imagination of natural and artistic beauty. A high-quality bag with interesting body decoration is enough to add color to their life and inject optimism and hope into people in the post epidemic era.
The whole package of a bag product is composed of 9 parts. Each accessory on the bag is individually packaged and “customized” with Materica environmental protection paper certified by FSC. Its fine packaging concept is difficult not to impress people.

Materica Verdigris 120/250/360g