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magazine into issue #1 | MADE-LAND 制造地(shame-on-you)office

MADE-LAND 制造地」1920s-’90s – 2021 -2050. 3 eras of Chinese furniture design in 3 volumes.
magazine into’s issue #1 “MADE-LAND” presents the past, present and future of Chinese furniture design in three separate volumes.  In “MADE-LAND 2021”, we discuss the status quo and challenges encountered by design thinking involved in traditional Chinese manufacturing. In “MADE-LAND 1920s-’90s”, we invited artist Lanqing Zhu to complete a set of visual creations, restore the simple emotions of Chinese families and furniture in the past few decades. “MADE-LAND 2050”, based on the development history of the past 30 years, we try to infer what Chinese design might be like in 30 years.

Tintoretto ceylon curry 250g
Sirio white white white 130g
Ispira rosso passione 150g
Splendorgel avorio ivory 300g
Sirio color nude 80g
Splendorlux mirror argento 320g
Marina bahia 90g