Progetti in gara 2025

Cheerful Soo Piann Box by ÀHPIÁ LÎM(Shame-on-you)office

A lunar new year gift box featuring traditional Chinese Minnan treats in a modern fashion. It serves more than a container of the traditional treats, but a box of treasured memories of new year.

In mandarin, “Qi Le” is a pun of “enjoy together” and “fun with chess”. The idea is to highlight new year celebration and the reunion of family and friends by designing a box with chess board. Both Chinese and international chess boards were incorporated into the design. The hexagon shape resembles traditional sweet boxes commonly seen on local family tables, which also symbolise good fortune and happiness. The top box features a red and gold checker pattern with a gold chess board outlines, and the dots highlight the spots for Chinese chess. A totem of “Qi Le” is imprinted on the label, inspired by the old tile and window decorations of Minnan. Inside the box, there is a lining paper with cut-out pattern and greeting words of new year, wishing everyone a cheerful reunion.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Pergamenata pearl Bianco 90
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Sirio pearl Aurum 230
Made with Sensin