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Italpet Gift CardSezione Grafica

The problem with Gift Cards is that are often perceived as the opposite of a gift: a B-list choice, a last minute present, a cadeaux without a soul.

Here’s our design challenge: give Gift Cards a chance, adding, thanks to the packaging, all the gestures that recall that feeling of desire and curiosity for a present under the Christmas tree.

First, essential: wrap paper to destroy… it’s a hard job, but someone as to do it. Number two: an hand-written card to say: hey, it’s a Gift Card, but I made it with love. Last but not least, a pack, to leave without words. This is not a regular Gift Card, this is a Gift.

Three color combinations for any occasions, and every budget. Pop and fluro for little presents; a bright and elegant palette for who who wants to distinguish , metallic dark-mode for special events.

The printing is process is Neon and metallic PMS mixed ink, so we created a third colour out of every combination.

Creative Communication
Arena rough white 300