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Wedding in a fieldSENSO s.r.o.

The idea of the concept was to combine the three types of plants that occur most often at the wedding site, into an imaginary bouquet.
All plants are drawn in pastels in the botanical atlas style. During the reproduction, the primary character of the drawing was preserved and faithfully transferred to the selected MATERICA GESSO 360 gsm paper, which, with its structure and color, agrees with the illustration. The plants seem to grow out of paper. The font has a higher upper question mark compared to the upper question mark and very dynamic diacritics, this unmistakable character corresponds with the diversity of flora.
As the marrying priest said in his speech, bad luck and happiness go hand in hand and accompany you throughout your life. One of the depicted plants is Smolnicka obecna, which represents bad luck, and the other Meadow Clover, which with its leaves refers to happiness.
The printing is made with pigment inks that faithfully reproduce the character of the illustration.

Czech Republic
Materica Gesso 360 gsm
Materica Gesso 120 gsm