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Via delle Grancasse, 0 - Storie da una gabbia di matti

How many times have we looked at the clouds in search of a shape to discover? And how many times have we noticed faces of strange characters in the objects that surround us? Well, it happened to me like that!
The book was born from a situation of daily life, an apartment on the third floor without an elevator, and the ability to glimpse in the veins of the marble of those eighty steps the faces of characters hidden through an illusory phenomenon, the pareidolia.

The idea is based on the game and the optical illusion, which is why even in the layout phase I wanted to maintain this playfulness involving the reader in the search for hidden characters: fifteen short stories that run parallel, sometimes crisscrossing, giving life to events and intrigues set in a rowdy and ramshackle condominium.

The pages inside with short stories and marble photos are printed on ARCOPRINT 1 E.W. and between each of them there is a sheet of transparent PVC on which only the color illustration of the character is printed.
The cover, printed on MATERICA KRAFT paper, resembles the retro graphics of school notebooks.

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Cover: MATERICA KRAFT 250 g/m Inside pages: ARCOPRINT 1 E.W. 140 g/m The book includes 15 pages printed on PVC.
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