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KÖLN GOLD – Stadtschätze / City TreasuresSchimmmelpenninck.Gestaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit Weiss, Freiburg

KÖLNGOLD presents treasures from art, culture and everyday life of the 2000-year history of Cologne. More than 250 pieces of art, buildings, manuscripts and everyday objects come under terms such as openness, pride, joie de vivre and solidarity – characteristics that are attributed to the Cologne mentality. The book is not only a cultural compendium of the Rhine metropolis, but also a portrait of Cologne, commented on by 18 personalities of today’s urban society. With pride in the city’s treasures and their care, you can create a future worth living in. That is the main idea of ​​KÖLNGOLD.

A “Book object” with a multitude of finishing, panorama pages, documents, posters and facsimiles. You find foldouts, also in altar fold, gold printing, silkscreening, uvi varnish, also raised, cold foil overprinted and die cuttings.
654 pages, format 28 x 39 cm, German / English, limited and numbered in a splendid linen box, linen cover

Sirio color black 250 g
Arena smooth white / natural 120 g
Arena bulk ivory 80 g
Arena rough ivory / white 90 g
Arena rough natural 120 g