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anzu – NotebooksSchimmelpenninck.Gestaltung

The beautiful notebook made from maculature!
Maculature (from the Latin Maculatura: meaning »stained«) is wastepaper, usually printed paper that has been rendered useless. It is often beautiful material, too beautiful to be discarded …
Therefore anzu makes use of maculature, exclusively maculature from exquisite, extraordinary book design projects. The large-scale print sheets are first cut diagonally and subsequently into rectangular formats. The exact clipping is left to chance – in this way new, surprising and unique motifs emerge. The clippings are subsequently used as book covers for the notebooks made of Arena smooth white from Fedrigoni and carry a foil anzu logo.
Finer details: the open thread stitching of anzu notebooks allows them to open effortlessly. A joy for every notebook lover.
Elegant, charming, versatile and inspiring – notebooks for individualists.
Upcycled. Sustainable. Extraordinary. Useful.

Creative Communication
Arena smooth white 90