Archivio vincitori 2022

Asia-Pacific Design No. 17Sandu Publishing

“Becoming an archive of professional design in the Asia-Pacific region” is the mission of the Asia-Pacific Design (APD) since its establishment in 2005, and it has lasted 16 years.
APD believes that instead of talking about the design trends in general, it is better to uphold the concept of equality and to accept the excellent design. APD hopes to use each limited layout to record the voices of different designers, design styles, and design fields, leaving a time-surpassed observation and thinking for the society and design industry.
In 2021, APD also continued its mission. APD NO.17 organized several characteristic programs based on the included excellent works to observe the current situation of Asia-Pacific design from different angles. Among them, the “Annual Theme Program” takes “Design Reboots Future” as the theme and records the relevant design works.

Creative Communication
Materica Clay 120g
Sirio color Perla 80g
Sirio color Black 80g
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