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It all starts with a pencilRipe Digital Ltd

During 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pencil got in contact with the concept of producing ‘It all starts with a pencil’, a perfect bound book showcasing their approach to taking on a design brief and the ‘process’. The concept was to create something with a multi-layered sketchbook feel, with clearly defined sections. The front cover was intentionally kept simple in design, relying on a pop of colour from using Sirio Colour Limone with triplexed (3x 250gsm Matercia Clay) featuring traditional clear gloss foil detail which was then bonded to the front. The internal pages consisted of two categories – ‘Idea and Ideal’. ‘Idea’ introduces the talk/refine/develop aspect of creating initial concepts with sketch pages produced on Arena Ivory Rough which were intentionally trimmed shorter in width to create an added distinction. ‘Ideal’ featured more formal information and final designs which were predominantly printed on contrasting Arena Extra White Smooth.

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Sirio color Limone 290
Materica Clay 250
Arena rough Ivory 100
Arena smooth Extra White 170