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Amor Mundi: The Collection of Marguerite Steed HoffmanRidinghouse

Amor Mundi is an extensive two-volume publication that presents a selection of over 400 works of modern and contemporary art from the collection of Marguerite Steed Hoffman from Dallas, Texas – a private collection that will eventually have a public purpose. The book brings together responses by over 30 art historians and artists, alongside the artworks collected by Marguerite Steed and her late husband Robert Hoffman.

The design concept reflects the current custodian of these beautiful objects, resulting in a publication that has a sensitivity to type, colour and materials. Careful consideration was paid to the typographic detailing.

New sections of the book are marked by tip-in pages in Siro coloured paper, in a palette inspired by the collection. The essays that open and close each book are printed on Sirio Jasmine Rough. The text is screen-printed on the cloth-bound covers alongside tipped-on plate images, printed in three tones that are echoed in the ribbon page markers.

United Kingdom
Acquerello Bianco 160gsm
Sirio color rough Jasmine 115gsm
Sirio color Nude 140gsm
Sirio color Paglierino 140gsm
Sirio color Perla 140gsm
Materica Acqua 140gsm