Archivio vincitori 2022

“Si l’on abat, si l’on bâtit” — Art book for Julia Gault and Raphaël MamanPaul Dagorne

Julia Gault and Raphaël Maman made last year an exhibition which evolved in three different states. Playing with the architecture of the showroom, working on the theme of worksite, using loam, plaster and concrete the sculptures of Julia and Raphaël mutate, lives traces of the making, respond to themself as they were the non-human characters of the scene.
This book is the catalogue of the exhibition. Divided in three chapters, the book alternate Verdigris pages with white ones. Radical as the plan of an architect, the pages separates: all traces of human (text and pictures of work in progress) printed black on the green pages, and the pictures of the exhibition printed in bright colors on a glossy paper.
The cover is embossing. Two times with the same metal matrix of a grid. One time, the grid marks the front page mathematically centered. The second time, the paper is placed randomly under the matrix: the two grid creates a different pattern on each cover.

Materica Verdigris 360
Materica Verdigris 120
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 170