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Verso Nord - Guido Guidi, Gerry JohanssonOtium

In 2019, Guido Guidi and Gerry Johansson – two of the great masters of analog photography of our time – took part in the “Verso Nord“ photography campaign, which was organized as part of the OMNE project in Castelfranco Veneto and the surrounding area. While Guidi focussed his attention on the historic centre of this small town, concentrating on architectural material in order to capture in detail, the layers of history and time, Johansson moved around the area of urban spread, assessing through photography the cultural imagination of northeastern Italy, where architecture and nature, residential buildings and space become special witnesses of a casual landscape, one with uncertain, mysterious features. The editorial project, printed in five colors on different papers, presents the work of the two photographers in dialogue with each other. The double-sided cover allows the reader to consult it without a set beginning.

Materica Clay 120
Arena rough White 120