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Paolina. Storia di un capolavoroOtium

During the spring of 2021 the Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova in Possagno, institution that tells and promotes the fascinating story of the most important neoclassical artist in the world, decided to dedicate an exhibition to one of the icons of Canova, “Paolina Borghese come Venere Vincitrice”; The statue was once again exposed to the public after a recent restoration.
The catalog of the exhibition “Paolina. Storia di un capolavoro”, held at the Museum from 19 March to 19 September 2021, is divided into a first part of critical essays (printed in two colors on uncoated paper) and a second part dedicated to the works on show (printed on coated paper). The volume presents a dust jacket that contains the graphic image of the exhibition, part of a wider rebranding project for Museum’s identity.

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