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OMNE/BEAUTY 2018–2020Otium

Analyzing the different aspects that describe the landscape of North East Italy and focusing on the reading of the critical factors attributable to the progressive processes of dispersion and fragmentation, typical of this particular geographical area, “OMNE – North East Mobile Observatory” continued the photographic campaigns started in 2016 by entrusting to five artists in residence and three invited photographers a survey on the Venetian territory proposing a reflection on the theme “Beauty”. The volume is conceived as a paper box that contains, in addition to a textual apparatus with contributions from teachers and experts, eight booklets, one for each photographer, respecting a plural interpretation of the concept of beauty itself.

Woodstock Cipria 260
Woodstock Cipria 110
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 170
Arena rough Natural 140
Sirio color Pietra 115