Archivio vincitori 2021

1st place

No One Can Fail -- Écrire son nom (UPO 3)non standard

This is the third issue of our UPO Serie. UPO stands for Unidentified Paper Object. This bilingual printed matter (FR/EN) is an occasional publication, its format remains the same but paper(s), printing technique(s), binding vary from one issue to another. UPO is aimed at emphasizing the work of an artist chosen by Éditions Non Standard. UPO 3 is focused on the work of Marion Bataille, and especially on the project AOZ. Marion has invented 4 games to form letters to write one’s name. AOZ is one game made of dots, squares and triangles. We have recuperated lots of letters and neames by by children (and adults) during workshops. Based on these letters, Rejane Dal Bello has made free compositions in 64 spreads. While observing the workshops, we had the feeling something important was going on. So we invited two researchers to analyse what Marion had invented: former school teacher Marie-Thérèse Zerbato Poudou and Sébastien Morlighem, who teaches the history of typography. We also asked philosopher Aude Lambert and curator Lucile Haguet what it means to “write one’s name” – no ordinary issue indeed!
We published this UPO because we believe Marion offers alternative tools to complete the learning of reading and writing. Marion gives a second chance to every kid, a chance where no one can fail. What is so beautiful and moving in the black-white-red letters they create is their effort to keep the letter recognizable, the difficulty of the gesture, the ardour that has been put in it, it’s the daring and the inventiveness, it’s the immense beauty of clumsiness, it’s the clumsiness of dignity.
The transparency of Arcoprint added a lot to the figures of the first spreads.
The articles on splendorgel look refined and technique.
The archive image on Symbolfreelife Raster look genuine and precious.

Arcoprint Milk 1.5 300 g Arcoprint Milk 1.7 80 g Splendorgel Extra white 100 g Symbolfreelife Raster E33 130 g