Archivio vincitori 2022

Revue N/Z — Season 2Nicolas Pleutret Design Graphique

N/Z is an open air experimental journal that focuses on writing as a work process, upstream of its definitive formalization and in all its forms – from poetry to plastic arts. It is a creative laboratory that invites writers and artists to participate for a year in monthly public meetings (evenings), a website, a magazine (paper) and to support a section in each of the formats.
N/Z’s mission is the transmission of contemporary creation starting from poetry and plastic arts to be interested in all areas of art and ideas. Its aim is to reach a wide audience, to raise awareness, to initiate, to make people discover contemporary artistic writings: to make “school”, experiment, share and transmit.
Guests: Sépànd Danesh (artist) / Frédéric Forte poète / Agnès Geoffray (artist) / Perrine Lamy-Quique (artist) / Alban Lefranc (writer) / Laure Limongi (writer) / Gaëlle Obliégly (writer) / Raphaël Tiberghien (artist)

Materica Terra Rossa 120 g.
Symbol tatami White 115 g.
Arcoprint Milk 100 g.