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GamestrackNABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

Gamestrack is an editorial project which was born from our thoughts about the
relationship between video games and sound design. The book collects a series of
songs, albums and video clips that have had a strong impact on gaming. In
order to recreate the interactivity and the sonority, we have created visual
stratagems useful to rework these elements: patterns have been made for all the
music tracks, making them accessible through different media, an editorial
product. The pages of the book, through the use of flaps, “play” with portions of
patterns, while the interactivity we find returned in the form of QR code, acts to
connect the paper to audiovisual content treated. In addition, at the end of each
chapter, there are inserts of interviews with leading figures in the sound design’s
area, useful to give an insight into this professional world that has contributed so
much in the area of videogames.

Alberto Barbatti, Sofia Bonino, Rossella Fiori

Rossella Fiori
Emiliano Biondelli