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Still LifeMorse Studio

Still Life is a collection of photographic work, published by Identity Printers & Finishers, documenting how ten creatives explored personal ideas and changed perspectives, while the commercial world stood still during the 2020 lockdown.

With less interaction with their creative network and clients, the project provided an opportunity for Identity to bring everyone together on a beautiful and poignant collection of work, and a considered piece of design and print.

Ten photographers were selected whose work captured the mood of the moment, through observation of their immediate surroundings; people whose work was engaging and enquiring, even when the restrictions on making were so impactful.

The book is naked sewn and wrapped in a high gloss dust jacket. The exposed binding alludes to the intimacy of the personal experiences and spaces in the photographs, and the high gloss dust jacket emphasises the contrast of the exterior and interior of the publication.

United Kingdom
Splendorgloss L/W Premium White 135
Symbol tatami White 135
Sirio color Caffè 350