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Black Not SorryMJCP

Photographer James Kemmenoe spent three days during June 2020 taking part in and photographing the protests in central London. He was so struck by the passion of the people and the size of the protests that he felt compelled to publish his work in print and approached MJCP to realise the project.
James said; “we are so bombarded with digital imagery that I was keen that the book not just be a physical version of the pictures put that the paper itself be an integral part of the thing bringing it’s own beauty and clear justification.” MJCP presented Woodstock Betulla. Having colour, not overly textured but a bit of grit, made each page and thus each book unique; it was a perfect match.
The binding enabled the book to lay flat allow the images to be seen in full without being obscured by the spine. The clever addition of the spine strip enabled the book to be viewed when in a bookcase and also doubles as a bookmark.

United Kingdom
Woodstock Betulla 140 and 285gsm