Progetti in gara 2025

Vendaval Grande Reserva 2019, Douromiguelfreitasdesign_studio

Vendaval brand has allowed us, from its inception, to develop the entire concept and communication associated with this project.
A Vendaval (gale) is a strong and stormy wind, usually blowing from south to north, which, with its immense force, sweeps everything away… from hot air balloons to circus tents or octopuses… For this Vendaval, an emblematic figure from Greek mythology emerges, Pegasus… the winged horse of mythology that flies through the skies, enjoying the winds that carry it to the heavens. A label that brings us the sensation of movement, resorting to the concept of the zoetrope and taking us, between each moment, to discover the pleasure of this beautiful wine.

Tintoretto WS FSC™
opp clear gloss