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This is a new packaging and concept project for Quinta de Santa Eugénia, from Douro Valley, Portugal, Rapa Lobos wine.
The starting point was the book “Be the person your dog thinks you are” by C.J. Frick. In our daily life, we deal everyday with the power of the image and the image that others have from ourselves. The way we dress, behave, talk is different in different situations, but, what if, we just act and behave as with our close friends, family, dog, or cat? Probably the image they have from us is purer, more genuine than the way we act. Our family tends to think that we’re the best person on earth and probably we can be a better person on every minute of our lives… more careful with the next one!
We can be a better person, as a mother’s child, boyfriend or girlfriend, a brother or sister… we can be better for animals that share the planet with us.

Constellation Jade Raster WS FSC™