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Menino do Coromiguelfreitasdesign_studio

This project, designed and matured over a year, has a set of particularities that define it.
Images, old and original documents from owner’s grand father were carefully watched to pick samples of printed typography from early XX century in order to design brand’s name “Menino do Coro”. The central element of the label also seek references to the hobbies of one of those responsible for the project … he is motorcycle lover, swimmer and sings in on the choir of a cultural reference institution in Porto, Portugal … a vintage swim cap or a helmet were used in the photographic illustration.
Typographic collages, distortion of images in photocopying allowed us to work on this project in a different way than usual and the whole project, from the Vinho Verde region; Portugal, is a tribute to the Avesso grape variety.

Tintoretto WS FSC™