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Tea Packaging of YanAoMATURE CREATIVE

Yan’ao , advanced rock tea from Mount Wuyi, has its champion’s quality mainly from its unique mountain shape and landform as well as rocks of Danxia landform, all of which constitute to the significant elements for vision representing. The front of package is based on the texture of Danxia landform’s rocks; the technique of camshafted dark fringes expresses rocks’ natural original touching sense; the focus of vision represents production place—— Mount Wuyi’s Huiyuan Pit Landform and the landmark Huiyuan Temple; besides, foil stamping process is not only attractive but also echos with the color property of Crown. Open the box, you’ll see six small gold caddies according with the theme of packing lying still in it, with one caddy used for each tea making, showing wonderful quality.

Sirio pearl Aurum 125g