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KARO KAUER - Eau de Parfum - PackagingMartin Spiegel Kartonagenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Karo Kauer is a stylish and modern German fashion brand and they stand for passion, dedication and love. They combine functional design with high expectations to itself.
The demand was, to create a sustainable packaging for their fragrance in a minimalistic, fine and white design.
So Fedrigoni Nettuno Bianco Artico (FSC certified), with its special structure, was perfect to emphasize the high valence of the brand.
The special packaging construction out of four pieces and only little black mat hot-foil stamping and black offset printing gave the packaging its perfect and unique look.
Producer of the packaging is “Spiegel Verpackungen” in Germany.

Nettuno Bianco Artico 280 g/m²