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Jean and Len - Eau de Parfum - PackagingMartin Spiegel Kartonagenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

The unisex fragrance of Jean and Len Rosemary/Ginger is fresh, purify and beguiling.
So the demand was, to create a packaging which underlines the scent and also the natural, ecofriendly and vegan statement of the brand.
The folding-box is made out of Fedrigoni Symbol Card (FSC certified) which emphasizes the valence of the product.
For production were to different types of relief embossing in use. On the one hand a embossing like an allover material structure and on the other hand the embossed stamp like the stamp on the bottle of the perfume. Additional there is only offset printing in black.
Producer of the packaging is “Spiegel Verpackungen” in Germany.

Symbol card Premium White 360 g/m²