Archivio vincitori 2022

Jeanne déployée sans emploi Martha Salimbeni design studio

This edition gathers the works realized during the artistic residency “À propos des femmes et du travail” (About women and the work) elaborated by the House of Youth and Culture André Malraux of Montbard in Burgundy, in collaboration with the invited artist Gaëlle Cognée, as well as those (or extracts) resulting from the other workshops and related events. This book being an extension of the residency, it also gathers new texts by Clotilde Lebas, Gaëlle Cognée and Mikaël Fauvel.
I chose an intimate and comfortable reading format. The pages containing images were printed in two-tone black and silver, with the Color Library color conversion profile of Maximage Société Suisse. I chose a smooth uncoated paper (Arena Smooth) for all the pages to obtain both a sober look of the pages and an optimal printing of the inks. A foil is applied to the cover to subtly underline the title of the book, taking advantage of the puffiness and singular color of Materica paper.

Arena smooth White 100gsm
Materica Verdigris 180gsm