Archivio vincitori 2022

Quaderno Mensile 2022 / Monthly NotebookMargherita Paleari

A minimal Planner, designed to enable efficiency in quick planning for people with a flexible and ever-changing scheduling, such as creatives. Monthly layout to have everything under control with a quick look.
The page size, designed to fit Monday to Friday on the left page and weekends and additional space on the right, it helps also in quick sharing of plans (one month in one picture).
The simple binding allows a lay-flat opening and helps in finding, in the middle spread page, a year calendar.
The Monthly Notebook is reusable in specific years in the future which are indicated on the back cover.

19 x 23 cm, staple binding, 28 pages, 1 color offset printing for inner pages (120 g – Fedrigoni Materica Gesso), 1 color offset printing for cover (250 g – Fedrigoni Materica Ardesia).

Creative Communication
Materica gesso 120
Materica ardesia 250