Archivio vincitori 2022

Una Giornata ParticolareMarco Siciliano

Artist’s book by Archivio Magazine with the artist Marco Siciliano for ArtVerona2021. In each magazine Archivio asks a writer to interpret the archive of images without any information. For this collaboration all the images were removed while retaining the texts. The artist therefore wanted to restore a visual imagery through the watermark technique. The presences of objects that usually accumulate in a book emerge in contrast with a light. Dates, bookmarks, postcards, dried flowers and prices in lire; intimate signs that give personality and history to those mass-produced publishing objects now made unique.
To create the watermark the artist produced the paper by reusing sheets of ARENA ROUGH gr 70. The final product hand-bounded together is enclosed in a semi-transparent white marbling paper made also by the artist. A ‘dusty antique book’ smell specially made by a Nose complete the book, giving access to one’s ancestral memories.

Arena rough white 120/70gr