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Autumn in Japan: An Ink Painter's Travel JournalMafalda Tenente Editions

“Autumn in Japan” is an ink painter’s diary of a journey through Japan in the autumn season. A collection of memories seen through the artist’s brush, coupled with a tribute in words to the Japanese tradition of the literary travel diary.

Four metres of daily paintings in ink by artist Mafalda Tenente are reproduced over nine foldout triptychs and interspersed with the journey’s narrative. This handbound edition includes elements associated with autumn, such as changing colors, filtered light, or fallen leaves through its concise creative design. A particular typeface was selected to match a new translation of a classic Japanese poem, building a bridge between the earliest travel diaries and the present.

“Autumn in Japan” is a book for all the travellers out there in search of a contemporary connection to the journeys that preceded them, as well as those who admire the art and literature of Japan. Sirio and Arena elevated the book’s autumn mood.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Sirio color rough Cherry 210
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena rough Natural White 140
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena rough Natural White 120
Mafalda Tenente
Mafalda Tenente and Ana Ponte de Almeida