Progetti in gara 2025

Comércio com Memória: Almada 1973-2023Lisa Hartje Moura

2023 marked the 50th anniversary of Almada as a city.
Developed in close dialogue with the editors Frame Colectivo and Augusto Brázio and with Câmara Municipal de Almada, the book celebrates Almada through its people and particularly its historic shops, with 50+5 shops photographed by 12 photographers and a roster of written essays.
The use of a sans serif with gothic alternates which composes the book’s titles is a simple play on the history attached to the shops portrayed in the book and the tissue paper used as a dust jacket alludes to the papers used to involve and protect the objects sold at those shops.
As a photography book it was important to select a paper which preserves the integrity of the original photos. The essays could, on the other hand, be printed on a paper with a sense of touch, that absorbs well the yellow in the entirety of the page surface, without compromising the readibility of the texts.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Ispira Bianco Purezza 250g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena rough White 120g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Symbol tatami White 135g
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Pergamenata Bianco 90g
Câmara Municipal de Almada / Frame Colectivo
Lisa H. Moura
Gráfica Maiadouro