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Coffre Le French BiscuitLescure Graphic

Our client’s products are cookies made by hand near Paris with quality raw materials, favoring short circuits. Our client wished to keep this spirit for the manufacturing of its boxes. Very attentive to materials, we carefully selected the paper and the choice fell on the Materica Gesso 360g which had the advantage of a rough and textured touch, a large hand and a source of 20% recycled fiber. We then created a special pale pink tint that we validated with our customers at the time of machine setting on our HUV Komori presses. We printed this shade in solid color on both sides with 1 black color for the text. In order to ensure a high quality finish to this case, we hot stamped silver and provided an area for a label to be stuck on, specifying the type of cookie and its composition. A special “cookie” cut with a wave-shaped slice to recall the shape of the traditional cookie was made. The boxes were then folded, glued and delivered to our customer’s workshop.

Materica gesso 360gr