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Fedrigoni Materica Gesso, Woodstock Cipria, Sirio White/White, Splendorlux Versus Black, Woodstock Materica Kraft


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The KURZ Design Team aims to be continuously up to date. We investigate the latest tendencies from a wide range of innovative and future fields in design, technology, fashion, art and society. We collect and analyze this new information and use it as a source of inspiration for trendsetting designs. The Box next to Box series is based upon this up-to-the-minute input and each Box translates one trend into a visible and tangible experience. Take the next step and explore the latest KURZ Trends translated into packaging design – box next to box.

This new concept is the next step in terms of inspiration. Besides giving you an overview of all four KURZ Trends, it introduces the latest KURZ Trend Colors as well. You start out with a brown box, which is guaranteed to arouse curiosity by hinting with keywords at the art work inside. The four trend boxes are then revealed by pushing the inner box sideways like a drawer to display new inspiration for designers – based not just on the four featured trends but on the latest colors too.
The first edition of our Box next to Box provides a stunning source of creative possibilities. View what’s next…