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Londýn prostě žeru / Devouring LondonLenka Pozarova

Although I am Czech, I lived London for 2,5 years and this experience changed not only my professional life. Coming there with an idea to become a chef and leaving as a photographer and journalist. I wrote the manuscript, took the pictures, cooked the recipes and interviewed few people, to tell their story. It’s not a guide book, nor a travellogue, nor a cookbook, though there are tons of tips, experiences and few recipes. You can feel, smell and taste London on those pages. But It‘s not only about food, it’s also about people, places and moods. It’s vivid and full of passion. Sometimes even funny incredible stories appear. Most importantly the book is authentic. As a demanding person I have self-published it, so I did‘nt have to compromise on paper quality and great graphic design. The Fedrigoni office in Prague was hooked with my ideas of this book and I am greatefull for an amazing collaboration.

Czech Republic
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