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Mailing EQS – Mercedes-Benz FranceKoryo

The EQS is like no other. Designed for its driver and passengers, conceived and produced with respect for the world and its new environmental challenges: Factory 56, Ambition 2039, material recycling, green energy etc. The EQS mailing will thus allow to discover its 2 facets which revolutionize the automobile through “hidden” pages which will present the commitments behind its production and design. A double reading that allows to present the titanic work of Mercedes. The visuals of the campaign are distinguished by a fashionable, graphic universe in shades of blue. The mirror effect is very present. The idea is to play with futuristic graphic codes, the Mercedes star, waves of dust, to promote this top-of-the-range electric vehicle and address the very important theme of CSR within the brand. Leitmotiv: not to give in to the easy way and use glossy/mirrored lamination, but rather to highlight FSC-certified creative papers and enhance the visuals with a very nice recycled coated paper

Creative Communication
Nettuno polvere 280gr
Sirio color iris 290gr
Symbol freelife satin premium white 200gr
Golden star k extra white 230gr