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Mareiner Wood Refinement Give Awaykest werbeagentur

Mareiner is an Austrian company specializing in wood refinement. Local timber is planed, chopped, brushed, flamed and charred in the manufactory, so that it can then be applied indoors and outdoors in residential buildings, hotels and chalets.

Mareiner’s close connection to nature is reflected in its communication – from the large-format printed matter to the small customer gifts. Together with the chocolatier Evelin Wild, Mareiner creates a new special edition chocolate every year with a forest-related feature — for example, spruce needle oil or wild berries, poured into a special wooden structure.

The natural and exquisite chocolate bars are then packaged just as naturally and exquisitely. Embossed and refined, the Materica paper from Fedriogni carries the series forward with its colors.

Materica Pitch 250
Materica Kraft 250
Materica Terra Rossa 250