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Wrapping Paper "Forest Animals"kepler studio

As I was busy drawing forest animals for my daughter for another purpose I decided to publish my first own wrapping paper with those animals in 4 different versions using the same motives in different sizes.
I chose an eco-friendly solution picking 2 paper colors and placing 2 versions on each printing plate without any paper waste.
To keep it as simple as possible I picked just one metallic color for each plate – Pantone 871/gold for the flamingo and 877/silver for the foglia – in order to emphazie the brush strokes of the hand drawings and make it more abstract at the same time.
The design and the colors were also picked to become a poster if you do not want to use it as a wrapping paper -> the 2 flamingo versions match together as one big image with all animals in maximum size. And as I found out last christmas: it also works great as handicraft or origami-paper to use any leftovers.

Sirio color flamingo 80
Sirio color foglia 80