Progetti in gara 2025

Generación 2024 Julieta Casariego

When I received the proposal for this project from La Casa Encendida, I was quite giddy. It is an award with a long history, and is very important in the national panorama of contemporary art. I was nervous I couldn’t stand out among so many good proposals, so I chose to go to with a concept that this exhibition about generations could embrace: the concept of the archive. The idea of archiving and collecting a generation. I also wanted it to be a somewhat timeless design. The cover, with the wonderful Materica Acqua paper, is a nostalgic nod to those old stationery folders. The folders thumbnails make each author accessible almost like a telephone book. Each one with a color, a line, its own folder. Nothing would have been possible without the delicate work of the Brizzolis printing press, the Fedrigoni papers, and all the equipment that makes these book-objects possible.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Materica Acqua 250
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena Smooth - HP Indigo Natural 120
La Casa Encendida
Julieta Casariego Ruiz de la Prada