Archivio vincitori 2022

366jonathan paepens

366 is the result of a four-year, almost daily drawing practice in which 366 different appearances of the self were created. The portraits on paper were created performatively and intuitively with the materials at hand such as coloured pencil, marker, pen, paint, watercolour, make-up, glitter or food scraps. They leave transient traces of an introspective glance, an emotion, a fantasy. The character stares at himself sideways and each time ends up with a different reflection, manipulation, colour. An elongated process that from now on can see itself 366 times bundled in 1 box. The unfolding of the box releases as many shades, reflections, props and techniques. Leaf through 366 and attend the scarlet theatre play.

Sirio color cherry 140
Sirio color cherry 290
Olin Regular Absolute White 90