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Management Plan for Conservation of World Cultural Heritage of the Historic Centre of Prague – Part 1Jitro Design

The historical center of Prague was inscribed on the UNESCO List in 1992. This created an obligation for the capital city of Prague to create a representative strategic document, the so-called Management Plan, in which it undertakes to care for and adequately develop an internationally protected monument.
The publication consists of three basic parts.
The first, text part draws attention to the most important components that make up the monumental, historically and architecturally unique value of the Prague Monument Reserve.
The second part of the document is Objectives and measures. The main goals and all measures that lead to the fulfillment of the defined goals are listed here.
The third part contains a number of plans and maps, thanks to which most parties have folding flaps.
Each part is individually bound in a book and all three are placed in a box, which was created only for this publication.
The set of three books was created in CZ and EN versions.

Czech Republic
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