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La pandemia della plasticaIUAV - Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia

Marine Litter is the term used to refer to solid waste in the seas and oceans.
The main cause of the problem is mismanagement of waste.
Much of the marine litter comes from rivers, the ocean currents carry waste out to sea.
Ocean Gyres accumulate waste in Garbage Patches, which are “islands” of waste composed mainly of plastic fragments.
This atlas collects studies and researches conducted on marine litter with mathematical and statistical models and presents them in an informative form with mathematical rigor through the language of illustration.
The work was conducted by the students Federico Artuso, Ettore Macerini, Alessia Trevisan for the courses of Simona Morini and Luciano Perondi

Ettore Macerini
Simona Morini