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Łukasz Wierzbowski, Intruder, Analog PublishingINDUSTRIA GRAFICA SI.Z S.R.L.

Lukasz Wierzbowski is a profuse artist who uses the camera as a mean to communicate with others and record his daily adventures.
‘Intruder’ is an exercise of reverse engineering in order to find authentic connections in his oeuvre. Something that was evident at first instance was his recurrent use of shapes and patterns to compose images, placing his subjects on, over, under or between these patterns. Therefore it is possible to interpret these images as a hide-and-seek game, where sitters meddle in the scene as an attempt to reveal something, something that is only known to Wierzbowski, but at the same time offers us the possibility to make our own interpretations.

21 x 28 cm | 132 pages including 6 gatefolds
140gsm Arena White Smooth – content
450gsm Arena White Smooth with matt anti-scratch lamination – cover
Swiss Binding, open red thread stitching

FSC label production

Arena smooth white 450
Arena smooth white 140