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The UnboxingIgepa Plana

Content is more important than form. The present is more important than packaging. But is that really so?
We packed a single chocolate cube in an ordinary box and another cube in our special IGEPA box.
To measure gift recipients reactions, we used neuro research (conducted on 35 people; 25 female and 10 male; 20 – 47 years).
Result? The IGEPA package showed 50% improvement in EEG result and an increase in number of emotional peaks which was on average 67% higher than the plain package. More over, respondents had positive subconscious reaction to Igepa package and a negative one to plain package.
With Unboxing we have managed to scientifically prove that people experience IGEPA package in a completely different way. And because of that they appreciate the gift more.
At IGEPA we believe that package is just as important as gift itself. Well, maybe even more if you ask science.
With IGEPA fine paper products, every gift becomes right one.

Splendorlux mirror Ferro 320g
Sirio pearl Shiny Blue 230g
Imitlin e/r05 tela Blu Notte 125g