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Monografija Jadran Lazić – 50 godina fotografijeIgepa Plana d.o.o.

The monograph presents the most interesting moments from the fifty-year long career of Croatian first paparazzi Jadran Lazić. Printed as a luxury set of two high-quality large-format volumes and packed in a commemorative box (493-page first volume and 413-page second). The monograph is available as a Croatian and English edition. Two toma photomonographies of Jadran Lazic include an opus created in fifty years of intense, dynamic, creative, propulsive and persistent work on the court and shooting all those actors, politicians, singers, writers, football players, basketball players, starlets and others whose lives, their activities in public and their characters have gained mass popularity through world magazines that, among others, published photos of Jadran Lazić.

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