Archivio vincitori 2022

Recap 2020 – The NZZ recaps.HSLU - Hochschule Luzern

The archives of the Swiss daily newspaper NZZ serve as the basis for the publication. In which the coronavirus plays a part, but not the main role.The book is divided into twelve chapters (12 months) and is structured by four elements:Pictures (the common thread of the book and represent the international level), Articles (describe the situation in Switzerland), Comment column (The comment function of the NZZ made it possible for readers to leave their opinions online. They represent the subjective opinions.) Infographic (used only once in chapter “Feb” and symbolizes the start of the pandemic with the visualization of the first 50 Corona cases in Switzerland). The hidden infographic on the cover offers the key how to read the red coloured pictures. For all pictures that are directly related to the corona virus are coloured monochrome red.With this publication, I wanted to inspire a younger audience to engage with media and news in a way that differs from the classic newspaper design.

Federica Zanetti
Margrit Zumstein