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Clouds – Werkschau 2022HSLU - Hochschule Luzern

Concept poster “Clouds” Julia Gross
The poster was designed for the “Werkschau” of the HSLU Design & Kunst, which exhibits
the final creations of the graduating students. After having presented their last and ultimate
piece of work, the students start a new path in life. Conceptually, the poster is meant to
touch the viewer’s emotions. It shall convey a sense of joy, lightness and hope. The various
colors of the big “W” (the initial letter of the word “Werkschau”) represent the diversity of
the degree program; the “W”s round, inflated, perfect shape symbolizes the graduation as
the ultimate culmination of the entire program. The shine on the “W” indicates the students’
achievement by graduating. The background can be interpreted as clouds, the “W” is flying
away into a new future.
Printing technique: Screen print

Julia Gross
Ralph Schraivogel