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Understanding the Heart CycleHochschule Augsburg - University of Applied Sciences

If you also like roller coasters, then you know what I mean when I talk about heart palpitations. When your heart is racing, you can feel your heartbeat very well. Your heart is an important organ and a powerful muscle that supplies your entire body with oxygen and important nutrients through the circulatory system. But how does the heartbeat come about and what exactly happens in your heart? The answer to this question you will find here visualized and explained.

Term Project: From the heart. – Tracking down the facts, myths and symbolism of the vital muscle.
In this project, students exploreed the heart in all its facets: its function as an organ, its meaning as a symbol: in heraldry, in card games, in religion, in music, in fairy tales and in communication design itself.

Jiri Grimaldi
Michael Stoll