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A poster that examines the anatomical and social differences between woman and manHochschule Augsburg - University of Applied Sciences

Many know nothing about it, and even fewer are interested. But what are the consequences when women’s and men’s bodies differ not only in terms of sexual organs? Women are thus exposed to discrimination and life-threatening neglect. Until the beginning of the 20th century, women were denied access to scientific training. Until then, there was only medicine by men, and only for men. At that time, and even today, many people did not know about gender differences in the heart, or they simply did not care?

Term Project: From the heart. – Tracking down the facts, myths and symbolism of the vital muscle.
In this project, students exploreed the heart in all its facets: its function as an organ, its meaning as a symbol: in heraldry, in card games, in religion, in music, in fairy tales and in communication design itself.

Nina Egi
Michael Stoll