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Special Mention by Fedrigoni

Chaumet 2021 Mooncake BoxesHH GLOBAL ITALY

The Maison Chaumet Mooncake boxes project consists of a set of two boxes designed by We-We Agency and whose local production was managed by HH Global Luxe.
These two boxes are part of the festive period of the Chinese Moon Festival, which takes place in mid-autumn. Traditionally, the boxes contain mooncakes that are offered and consumed during the period.
The project takes up and adapts the codes of Maison Chaumet by reinterpreting the culture and aesthetics of tradition.
The premium box consists of a lantern-shaped body with 4 drawers on cardboard covered with Sirio Color Dark Blue, hot gold stamping with application of ribbon on the drawers. The lid is with relief embossing and hot gold stamping on the sides with a ribbon.
The standard box consists of a hexagonal body with 4 compartments. The body is made of cardboard covered with Sirio Color Dark Blue with hot gold stamping on the sides, magnets and a ribbon. Compartments are covered with Sirio Pearl Gold.

Sirio color Dark Blue 115
Sirio pearl Gold 110